The best tool to undertake the task at hand is the simpliest one that handles it
Examples: conversion #0
In this page, you can see the results of applying the conversion #0 to the 100 images that were choosen to represent the holidays' period of the given example. Specifically, above, you can see the slideshow that results from this conversion (created by use of my slideshow program named #slideshow_creator) and, below, you can see each one of the images that compose the slideshow (and were created by my program named #stateful_image_converter).
There are the following two possible ways of navigating the examples' pages: 1) by browsing the conversion examples' pages (click the left and right arrows above), where you can see how each conversion recipe changes the given 100 images; or 2) by browsing the images' example pages (click the images below), where you can see how the given image is changed when the 100 conversion recipes are applied to it.

Whether you choose to browse by conversion type or by image number, the examples change depending on the chosen video frame proportion (4:3 or 16:9) and orientation (landscape or portrait). Notice that the current monitors (and video sites, like youtube.com) use the format 16:9 and the legacy/old ones use the format 4:3.

Last, but not least, the images that result from the use of the current conversion recipe can be seen in the following three sizes (which you can choose, by clicking these sizes): small, medium, and large.